Samson's Story
The Story Of Samson, The Greatest Dog Ever.
I am writing a book about Samson, the greatest dog ever...period. I reserved the domain "Samson's Story" for use at a later date, when I finally finish my book. I've written more than 40,500 words, which includes an intro and 14 chapters so far. I will be starting on chapter 15 very soon. There is so much more material to cover about Samson's life. I swear I am going to attempt to buckle down and finally finish this book, no matter how painful it is to relive it all. "Samson's Story" is a work in process and will more than likely not be totally finished until sometime in 2016. You can see pictures of Samson on my personal website, Samson was an unbelievable dog, far ahead of his time, and one of a kind. He was smart, loving, caring, forgiving, introspective, curious and puppy-like his entire life. I STILL miss him every second of every minute of every hour of every day. JOE STEVEN BOYD

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